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Recipe: Dessert for Those with No Time

By Howard Charles Best, November 14, 2007

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Any of the following true of you?

1. No time to cook.

2. No time to wash dishes.

3. No time to eat in restaurants.

4. No time to eat more than once or twice a day.

5. Not much time for grocery shopping.

If so, then this recipe may be for you!

Here is a dessert that contains the types of ingredients that might be contained in a candy bar, but it is much more delicious and nutritious than any candy bar. None of the ingredients are perishable (Butter will keep for months in the freezer), so grocery shopping is minimized.

1. Start 1 tablespoon (⅛ of a stick) of butter (preferably unsalted) melting in the microwave².

2. To a 20-oz. microwavable, disposable paper bowl¹, add ½ cup of powdered milk.

3. Add a small amount of maple syrup.

4. Mix using a disposable plastic spoon¹.

5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 until all of the powdered milk is slightly damp with maple syrup.

6. Add the melted butter.

7. Mix.

8. Add some shredded coconut (optional), but there’s no need to mix again. (Mix while eating.)

9. Top off with some nuts and/or dried fruit³ (optional).

10. Serve including the disposable plastic spoon.

¹ At Walmart™, I’ve purchased Dixie™ brand 20-oz. microwavable paper bowls in packages of 30 for US$3.38 and Diamond™ brand plastic spoons in packages of 48 for US$1.14.

² For a good way to melt the butter, see “The World’s Best Popcorn” (http://llbest.com/?P=6c).

³ For a good source of a dried fruit and nut mix, see “Dried Fruit and Nut Treasure Hunt”


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