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Utility, Scripts: Convert HTML from ANSI to UTF-8 and Vice Versa

(Tested using IE11, Microsoft Edge and Firefox 42)

This online utility web page allows you to use JavaScript regular expressions, etc. to create scripts of unlimited complexity for the purpose of doing repetitive text editing tasks automatically.

Select “1. ” and then click above to see an example of how this web page works.

Normally, “TextBox1”, “TextBox2” and “TextBox3” are used for input, and “TextBox4”, “TextBox5” and “TextBox6” are used for output.

The  button above creates a web page which shows the contents of TextBox4 in an easy-to-read format.

The  button above facilitates the creation of new sample scripts. It converts the contents of “TextBox1,” “Script,” “TextBox2,” and “TextBox3” into this web page’s source code format for a sample script, and puts the results into “TextBox4”.

         8. Demo 

The  button above converts ordinary text into a “Regular Expression” search string. Simply manually enter or copy/paste the text, including any special characters or <Enter> characters, into the text box, and then click . (The regular expression search string replaces the ordinary text.)

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